Ruben Reyes

  • answered 2017-07-11 01:18:37 -0500
    Q: Would you be willing to take a leadership role in a new LSVA veteran's faith-based group?
    A: No

    Faith-Based Affinity Group

    In the fall of 2017 we will be working with faith based groups around the city that have existing veterans programs to bring a more collaborative approach to veterans within our LSVA community. Our Faith-Based Affinity Group will focus on bringing veterans of the same faiths together for fun, positive, and inclusive events. If you are interested please take the survey below to provide us with more information before we roll out the program.

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  • answered 2017-06-06 12:54:41 -0500
    Q: How can we improve the event?
    A: I think it was great. I really don’t know. LSVA had a lot of businesses there offering lots of veterans lots of jobs.

    Warrior for Life Post Event Survey

    We appreciate you attending one of our recent Warrior for Life luncheons. Please take the short survey to let us know the results of the event for you, our veterans and our employers. Please share any ideas or comments on how we can sustain and improve the event going forward. We will be reaching out to follow up with your progress from the event three times after the event: One Week, One Month, and Three Months. 

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    Join as a Pre 9/11 Veteran

    Any veteran falling outside of Post 9/11 requirements may apply for membership in this category.  We separate the veteran categories into Pre and Post 9/11 Veteran Eras to help us determine eligibility for some of the resources we refer our veterans to. 

    United States Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard to include the Federal Reserves and State National Guard veterans.

    • Coalition forces that have served

    • Honorably dischargedretired or medically retired from any branch including Federal Reserves and State National Guard.

    • Must provide a legible copy of your DD-214, Member Copy 4 or NGB-22


    If you do not have a copy of any of the required service records, you may obtain a Service Verification letter from the VA via E-Benefits. To download the letter, go to -> VA Letters -> Service Verification. You can download the letter and upload it during the sign up process or email it to

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