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unnamed.jpgWe’re excited to offer you our Authentic Career Workshop. Far too often veterans spend all their time at job fairs or in resume workshops, when they don't know what they want to do after the military. Every job is not a career, and while taking a job to cover the bills is responsible avoiding the hard conversations about what direction to take is irresponsible. When you work in a job that you hate or are ill fitted to your employer is as miserable as you are. That doesn't mean your authentic career won't have bad days, tasks that you don't enjoy, or even have to start at the bottom in order to work up to the position you dream about. The point is knowing where you want to go in your career, which makes the bad days and the menial tasks manageable because you have your eye on the career you want and are prepared for.

We have partnered with an industry leader, CDR Assessments, in coaching and assessments for this program of instruction.

Prior to this workshop you will take about 2 hours worth of personality assessments on your own time. These assessments cover four batteries of tests: something similar to a Meyers Briggs personality test, a styles index like DISC, a risk profile, and a leadership assessment. The workshop will review the results from all of your tests to form a comprehensive picture of your preferences for your authentic career. Following the workshop you will be paired with a coach for 4 hours of individual executive level coaching that will span 2 months as your coach helps you build a career plan and work with you on executing it.

The coaching provided will be conducted by veterans trained on the methodology specifically to allow for greater depths of conversation with veteran participants. 


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  • Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 10:00 AM · 1 rsvp
    Kevin Doffing in Houston, TX

    Veterans' Authentic Career Workshop

    Veterans_Authentic_Career_Workshop.pngWe are delighted that CDR Assessment Group & Lone Star Veterans Association have again partnered to launch the initial Veterans' Authentic Career Workshop of 2017 - helping Veterans to zero in on their true key strengths to align with their career and educational plans.   This year's initial training session will be at Lone Star Veterans Association's Houston location.  
    This is part of the "Vets Coaching Vets" initiative. The program includes:
    • CDR 3-D Suite (Character, Risk and Drivers & Rewards Assessments) 
    • Half day Authentic Career Workshop for Veterans
    • Participating Veterans will be matched with a CDR Certified Executive Coach for full debrief of CDR 3-D Suite and then for career planning review after attending the Workshop. 
    By attending this personalized career program, Veteran participants will leave being able to hone in on their key inherent strengths, gifts and needs to help them to make sure that their career pursuits are in line with their authentic talent and motivational interests.  Many of the current career transition programs for Veterans use styles inventories.  Instead, CDR provides a deep dive into one's authentic talent to a nuanced level for a clear and accurate career fit.
    We invite companies and other interested organizations to join forces with us to make a real difference in helping Veterans to accelerate their career success and satisfaction.  
    Who to contact to participate or support the effort:  
    Kevin Doffing, Executive Director, Lone Star Veterans:
    Christine Klatt, CDR Veterans Coordinator: or call 918-600-5728

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