Opportunities at LSVA



Social Work Internships

 We are currently a field site for Boston University's Master of Social Work Program, The University of Southern California Master of Social Work Program and the University of Houston Downtown College of Public Service. If you would like to explore Social Work internships at the Lone Star Veterans Association or have us added as a field placement for your school, please email Holly@lonestarveterans.org. 

Mission Continues Fellowships

 We are a Mission Continues Fellow Host Organization.

You can find out more about fellowships here

Employment at LSVA

We do not have any current openings at the LSVA. If you would like to be notified of future openings, please sign up here. 

 Volunteer at LSVA

The best way to get involved with the LSVA and to meet the staff is to volunteer. You can volunteer for specific events or an extended period of time. Join the volunteer roster here