Volunteer Director


LSVA’s mission is to enhance the community of post-9/11 veterans in Houston, Texas by connecting veterans to resources, opportunities, and other veterans.

POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Director
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
Community Leaders and Volunteers

PAY RANGE: $15.00-$20.00/hour


Military experience (miltary spouses experience highly valued)
Experience working with volunteers
Experience using Nation Builder or other comparative Client Relationship Management (CRM) software


Management & Administration

  • Recruit volunteers in support of LSVA’s mission
  • Develop volunteer goals & objectives consistent with the mission & values of the organization
  • Maintain & administer volunteer polices
  • Support all program events with volunteers to ensure that program’s objectives are met
  • Provide information for evaluation of volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers are vetted appropriately for activities assigned
  • Develop and manager Volunteer Recognition Program


  • Recommend & manage monthly budget
  • Expense budget as approved and follow internal LSVA financial procedures


  • Comply with board approved personnel policies
  • Administer and maintain volunteer program
  • Provide for adequate supervision & evaluation of assigned staff & volunteers
  • Ensure proper enrollment & termination procedures for volunteers
  • Oversee any & all disciplinary actions for volunteers in coordination with Supervisor


  • Volunteers
    • Conduct initial and follow on training for developing a pool of regular volunteers
    • Assist Executive Director in building out the training plan, materials, and online tools for new volunteer program
    • Assist Event Program Manager with staffing and operating events with qualified and trained volunteers
    • Maintain volunteers records
  • Community Leaders
    • Recruit local volunteers to take on a two-year commitment as a Community Leader in their area
    • On board a cohort of five to six community leaders per geographic area every six months
    • Conduct monthly training sessions online and in person with each cohort
  • Ticket Distribution
    • Act as organization’s main point of contact in working with sports teams to solicit, collect, and report ticket distribution
    • Maintain objective distance in distributing tickets evenly across organization with a focus on rewarding volunteers and incentivizing new members to become engaged in the organization
    • Attend most events with members or at least to be on site to distribute tickets at or prior to the event

2017 Goals

Total Volunteers (includes active volunteers and community leaders)\

  • >40 total volunteers in first 90 days
  • >400 total volunteers by end of 2017

Active Volunteers (those that have volunteered >2 times in a year)

  • >12 active volunteers in first 90 days
  • >50 active volunteers by end of 2017

Community Leaders

  • Recruit 5-6 volunteers for cohort 2 to be Community Leaders by June 2017
  • Recruit 5-6 volunteers for cohort 3 to be Community Leaders by December 2017

Volunteer Hours

  • >200 volunteer hours in first 90 days
  • >1,500 volunteer hours by end of 2017

Volunteer Training (hours per volunteer, not per trainer)

  • >90 hours of training conducted in first 90 days
  • >400 hours of training by end of 2017
  • >5 online training classes approved and in use by volunteers in first 90 days
  • >20 online training classes approved and in use by volunteers by end of 2017
  • Online classes used by >200 volunteers by end of 2017

To apply please contact:

Tiffany Brackens

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