Lone Star Veterans Association Has Merged with Combined Arms

The focus on individual veterans and their families under Combined Arms began with the merger of the organization with the Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA) in March of 2019. The merger was announced at the 10 Year Anniversary celebration for LSVA. LSVA celebrated 10 years of building the veteran community. We began in 2009 by focusing on veterans returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then we had expanded that focus to include other critical members of the veteran community where all are represented, veterans and families, connected together around a common vision of One Veteran Community. We wanted to make sure that our community is defined by our strengths, not just our challenges. As Veterans, we aspire to be defined by our excellence, by our service, and by our ability to lead our communities through the many challenges and opportunities ahead. Together we can build One Veteran Community where we accelerate the impact of veterans on Texas. Looking at the next 10 years we wanted this program model to extend beyond Houston. Better technology enables this achievement. Engaging and monitoring thousands of veterans each year ensures that the right services and support find the right needs much quicker than ever before. That’s why we were proud to announce that we were merging with Combined Arms, the best in class non-profit specifically focused on building the veteran community. LEARN MORE @ www.combinedarms.us/community