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    This month marks 2 years out of the Marine Corps for me, and Lone Star Veterans has played a critical role in my life ever since I got out. It all started with the Warrior for Life Luncheon, which was one of the first events I attended when I arrived in Houston. I didn’t know anything about this city, and I didn’t have a network, but the W4L Luncheon got me started. I met some very helpful people there, including the person that ended up hiring me! Beyond that, many of my friends in Houston I met at LSVA social events. The quality and diversity of people that LSVA attracts is what keeps me involved. Many of them aren’t even veterans, just supporters, and I really appreciate that too. Most recently, I reached out to the leaders of the LSVA Real Estate group because I needed help with a rental property problem I was having. They were excited to help me, and I was overwhelmed with supportive advice. I can’t imagine where I would be now without the continual support from the LSVA Network. I will continue to be a loyal member of LSVA for a long time! Thank you guys!

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    Do you need assistance or have a comment for the Lone Star Veterans Association? 

    You can call our office from the hours of 9-4 Monday through Friday for direct assistance at: 281-744-7972. 

    If you are a veteran in crisis, please call the Veteran Crisis Line at: 1-800-273-8255, Press 1 OR call 911


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    Recurring Donations

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    We believe that Texas should be the best place for veterans and their families to live. Our mission is to build the community of veterans by strengthening careers and families.

    Veterans have served their country and been part of the best military in history. Help us maintain that camaraderie by connecting veterans and their families to resources, opportunities, and one another.

    80% of all jobs are 

    Your involvement is critical to our success and solving this issue. please join our Lone Star Leader Circle by committing to a recurring monthly donation. 

    $10/month = Provides business cards for veterans networking with employers 

    $25/month = Provides lunch for a veteran attendee each month at Warrior for Life

    $50/month = Provides meals at our quarterly picnics for 25 veteran families

    $100/month = Provides professional development training for our Community Leaders   




    Lone Star Veterans Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides military veterans with community building activities that strengthen careers and families.

    According to the Department of Labor 80% of all jobs are placed through personal networks, but 60% of veterans cite a lack of personal and professional networks when they leave the military as a hurdle to their transition. Building the veteran community means creating professional and personal networks of our successful members to advance their careers, as well as those new to the community to find a career and a family to belong to.

    Your support of Lone Star Veterans Association allows us to connect veterans and their families to resources, opportunities and other veterans.


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    Warrior for Life Tickets

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    The cost for our employers, $35/person, allows us to offset the cost of the meals for our program. Meals and event attendance for veterans is provided at no charge. If you are paying for co-workers please select the appropriate amount. Also, we always appreciate your support by sponsoring the cost of a veteran's participation and that amount can be added to your donation on this page if you are able to, $35/veteran.