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    Community Leaders

    In 2016 we launched our Community Leader program in order to provide leadership opportunities for veterans, spouses, and patriotic civilians to lead our community building efforts. These leaders sign up to receive mental health, peer mentor, and active listening training in order to become advocates for our members. They recruit, navigate, and develop their peers through our community building events leading our affinity groups. Community Leaders take on a financial and time commitment to LSVA, becoming recurring donors and volunteers for 18 months. 

    Those interested in leading our mission to build the veteran community should apply below. One of our staff will reach out to you to assess your potential for fitting this role, which affinity group would be right for you, and potentially which existing community leader should mentor you.

    All new community leaders must be recommended by their community leader mentor. They must be mentored for a minimum of 2 months prior to recommendation. Following the recommendation the candidate will undergo a full employee screening and vetting process. Community Leaders are volunteer, unpaid positions but we treat them like employees. They are part of our team and family, and due all the respect owed to our team.

    Veteran Spouses


    LGBT Veterans


    Bunker Labs Houston


    Christian Veterans


    Warrior for Life


    Veterans in Energy

    Southwest Houston

    Veterans in Technology

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    Hi I am a Marine Corps Veteran that relocated to Conroe a year ago and would love to get connected with this association. Please send me some info on events, or areas where I can be of assistance with our fellow vets. I am looking for support and connections for me and my family. We don’t have any family or friends here.

    Contact Us

    Do you need assistance or have a comment for the Lone Star Veterans Association? 

    You can call our office from the hours of 9-4 Monday through Friday for direct assistance at: 281-744-7972. 

    If you are a veteran in crisis, please call the Veteran Crisis Line at: 1-800-273-8255, Press 1 OR call 911


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