As veterans return from combat and state side service they represent the greatest cross section of the American population. We come from every background, class, and part of the country. We believe that for our country to continue to lead it is up to veterans to be engaged in the policies and politics that drive our great union. To that end we want to educate and inspire our members concerning the politics and policies impacting us. 

This group will not advocate any party or candidate, but is about building the community of veterans and their families around civic engagement. We hope that some of our members will decide to run for an office, support a candidate, or champion a cause based on what they learn and who they meet through this group.

To read about the lack of veteran representation in congress and the correlated impact that has had please review the research conduct by With Honor.

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We are here to build One Veteran Community. We want to make sure that you can connect with the community outside of our event and as soon as you join the organization. Find us on Facebook and join the conversation today. You can also see what it's like at one of our events by checking out these photos.

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With so many monthly events and a small staff we rely on our members in order to operate a consistent and sustainable program schedule. If you have the time and availability to help with tasks at events, admin, database, outreach, or anything else please reach out to us here. One of our group's Community Leaders will get you plugged into our activities.

Interested in joining our volunteer leadership team? It takes three Community Leaders to operate each recurring monthly activity per region. In order to expand access and content we need more Community Leaders. We also are continually recruiting as this volunteer role only lasts 18 months. Will you help us build One Veteran Community?
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Our programs are 100% funded by private donations. As an organization we serve our community by recruiting, training, and deploying Community Leaders to build the veteran community. It requires a professional staff to manage the logistics and administration of operating over 15 events each month in Houston. Your support is greatly appreciated.

If your company would like to host a joint networking event with our group we offer group sponsorship opportunities. For more details please contact Kevin Doffing,

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