The transition from the military back into civilian life is founded on the goal of starting a new, great career. With the difference between military and civilian job fields, veterans find themselves at a loss of where to start. At Lone Star Veterans Association, you’re in luck… We’ve Been There.

We offer and promote focused services, programs, and events that specifically prepares, develops and supports our members for a long and healthy career path. We also go to great lengths to bring veterans and employers together. Here at LSVA, we are not just finding our veteran and spouse members jobs, we go much further in assisting our veterans and their spouses launching into longstanding and fulfilling careers. 

A recent survey of American companies revealed that while they really want to hire veterans, there are, however, two major obstacles to be overcome. One was translating your military experience into the civilian job sector and finding the best place in which to locate and hire veterans. This is where our Warrior For Life comes to the rescue.

Our Warrior For Life (W4L) program is the solution to both of these obstacles. We serve as a central resource for our veterans for services that help them prepare them for a new career path in their post-military careers, based on their most current background. Through innovative approaches, we address both the individual veteran as well as the Business Community to help smooth introductions, promotion and advancement of our Veterans in the Private Sector.

We provide resources to assist our members in their Career Transition and Development. These resources are:

  A Networking Luncheon Every Month - Warrior for Life


  Lone Star Veterans Association is committed to assisting our Veteran Members within the Career capacity whether it involves recent transition from military service, expanding your career in the business sector, starting and/or growing your own business, finding advanced training courses, certification, academia or even if you are looking to re-enter or re-invent yourself for a new career. 

We are here to assist, guide, coach or mentor. Your success in your post-Military career is just as important as the job you performed in uniform and it builds on the success for the entire Veteran Community. 

Contact Careers@lonestarveterans.org for more information.

National Veteran Service Organizations with Career and Transition Assistance:


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