Veteran Christians

Connecting veterans and civilians to experience their Christian faith journey together

When we first looked at bringing a faith based group together for our members we thought we'd do an all faith group. After surveying our members the response was overwhelming, they only wanted a christian group. As we surveyed the Greater Houston area we found no programs existing that are tailored for successful veterans, only for substance abuse and suicide intervention. So we went out to find a great community partner that could help us tell inspiring stories of our members successful use of their faith. We did not want to reinvent the wheel but instead wanted to launch the group in 2017, and found CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Together we've adopted their format for a professional christian luncheon that relies on testimony from successful Christians.

We have focused our discussions on stories of faith and service. These are meant to inspire, inform, and renew our collective faith as we hear from veterans how their faith has influenced their military service, and vice versa. This is also a great way for civilians who might not know many or any veterans to hear a message of Christian faith that they can relate to and in doing so bridge the gap between civilians and veterans.

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