Community Leader Spotlight Carlis Miller

LSVA Carlis Miller Spotlight Lone Star Veterans Association has become what it is today by the dedication and sacrifice of our Community Leaders. These volunteers have taken time from their personal life to strengthen the community of our veterans by establishing an avenue for veterans to network. Our volunteers are paving the path towards One Veteran Community. We want to take time to thank our December Spotlight Board of Director and Volunteer Carlis Miller for his dedication to LSVA. Carlis is a pillar of our community. Thank you, Carlis!!!


What was your motivation behind joining Lone Star Veterans Association and engaging in an 18th-month service?

I was involved with The Mission Continues and went to a picnic, Kevin Doffing was there, I talked to him and told him I wanted to do more for the community and our Veterans. "How can I be more involved in bringing our veterans together?" Kevin told me to apply to the Community Leader Program. Since then I was and still am a community leader, and a Board Member and The Lone Star Veterans Association has nominated me for Leadership Houston, and I am now an Alumni. The Lone Star Veterans Association offered great classes to better my ability as a community leader. I really liked what The Lone Star Veterans Association did, helping veterans transition from active to inactive duty. I personally know how hard it is to get a job or even to adjust. I wanted to support The Lone Star Veterans Association to get stronger by building up our veterans by connecting them with each other, mentorship, entrepreneurship, LGBTQ, Christian, energy groups, Bunkerlabs, and our family infinity groups. I love how The Lone Star Veterans Association believed in me by providing training, getting me involved, being able to connect veterans with my own Family networking infinity group. I have happily been engaged a little more than 2 years, and I am excited to see us the Lone Star Veterans Association grow.

What were you doing before the program that was a huge motivator for you?

I was getting involved at my current job TechnipFMC being on the ERT. I wanted to do more, I was going through some life changes and also being a cancer survivor, I felt the need to give back to the community, to help others, and to be an example for my family and friends. The massive motivator for me is, I found a new family in The Lone Star Veterans Association and the Mission Continues. I wanted others to feel the family feeling I have with these two great organizations. Hearing so many resilient stories that inspire me to help others, to change the way the world thinks about Veterans!!! We are leaders of our community, Entrepreneurs, Leaders at the workplace and leaders at home.

Who is your hero? Why? When did you realize this person inspires you?

My heroes were my grandfather and my parents. My grandfather was in the Army, he served in the Korean war and WWII a recipient of a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. When I was in High School, I loved my grandfather, I wanted to join the military just like he did. I join the United States Marine Corps, I wanted to be the best and gave it my best. To make my parents and family proud that I served my country.

What are your plans for the future?

My heart is with the Lone Star Veterans Association, and the Mission Continues. They have both trusted me and believed in me. My passion is to get as many veterans, veterans families and the community involved with the Lone Star Veteran Association and other veteran organizations. To keep up with training so I can be a better leader to represent our veterans and inspire others. I am currently studying to become a mentor/ life coach. I have joined a veterans Toast Masters to improve my public speaking, to spread the word that veterans are leaders and pillar in our community and will no longer be seen as wounded and unable. I am currently in a Service Leadership Corps Cohort with the Mission Continues to learn how to get involved with the community. My passion is to help others through life problems, depression through the 5 step rule. Overall I want to stay engaged with my new veteran family and bring other veterans in so they can feel the love as much as I do. Not only do I find new lifelong friends, hear inspiring stories, but now I am able to help others come together as a family. This helps our veterans find; help with jobs, networking, housing, benefits, etc. If you’re not involved get involved, it will change your life and fill your heart as much as it did for me. SEMPER FI!!!!