Community Leader Spotlight - Sharon Nitsche

Lone Star Veterans Association has become what it is today by the dedication and sacrifice of our Community Leaders. These volunteers have taken time from their personal life to strengthen the community of our veterans by establishing an avenue for veterans to network. Our volunteers are paving the path towards One Veteran Community. We want to take time to thank our November Spotlight Volunteer Sharon Nitsche for her dedication to LSVA. Sharon is a pillar of our community.

What was your motivation behind joining the LSVA Community Leader team and committing to 18 months of service?

I used to always say to active duty soldiers that “Be nice to us Reservists, you will need us when you get out”.  

I know what it is to transition from military life to civilian life, and it isn’t easy. I have been helping veterans for the past 28 years and becoming a community leader for the Lone Star Veterans Association provides me with a platform to continue this effort. After several months of the organization’s CEO, Kevin Doffing, asking me to join as a community leader I finally took on the role to help kick start the LSVA Energy Network along with my co-workers Dustin Whiteley (USMC) and Anabel Allen (USAF).


What were you doing prior to the program that was a huge motivator for you?  

A lot!! I work long hours with my civilian career at Baker Hughes, a GE Company as well as just retiring from an Army Reserves career.


But the opportunity to help other veterans get connected and employed in the energy industry is such a great opportunity for me.


Who is your hero? Why? When did you realize this person inspires you?

GEN (Ret) John F Campbell.  He was my UC Davis ROTC Assistant Professor of Military of Science.  He set the foundation and brought out my leadership qualities.  Leadership is a learning process and I continue to refine my skills as well as how I engage and lead others.  Although we have not seen one another since college he has always been available to connect with me.  He has watched my commissioning class throughout our careers no matter in the battlefield or in garrison.  I’ve watched his career excel and see how he’s led his troops as well. He is a true “Soldiers’ General”.  I ended my career after 30 yrs of service in the Army Reserves, I will say a lot of what he taught me as a young Cadets inspired me to stay committed to the Army for so long and be successful.  Proudly, I am the last of my commissioning class to retire.

What are your plans for the future / Life Lone Star Veterans Association

I will continue to support the great work of LSVA and maybe consider a Board Member position here.