LSVA and Combined Arms are Merging!

Last week we celebrated 10 years of building the veteran community here at Lone Star Veterans Association (LSVA). We began 10 years ago by focusing on veterans returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then we’ve expanded that focus to include other critical members of the veteran community where all are represented, veterans and families, connected together around a common vision of One Veteran Community. Now the LSVA membership exceeds 10,000 people.

We want to make sure that our community is defined by our strengths, not just our challenges. As Veterans, we aspire to be defined by our excellence, by our service, and by our ability to lead our communities through the many challenges and opportunities ahead. Together we can build One Veteran Community where we accelerate the impact of veterans on America.

Looking at the next 10 years we want this program model to extend beyond Houston. Better technology enables this achievement. Engaging and monitoring thousands of veterans each year ensures that the right services and support find the right needs much quicker than ever before.

That’s why we are proud to announce that we are merging with Combined Arms, the best in class non-profit specifically focused on building the veteran community.

This merger combines LSVA grassroots engagement model with the Combined Arms methodology and technology to achieve scale in building a national network of veterans and vetted social services specifically designed for veterans and their personal and professional networks.

Leveraging our Community Leader program will be a force multiplier to generate more connections within the veteran community where our members live and work. We will be able to activate our community like never before.


What to Expect

As we move through the merger process we will keep you our members and supporters informed. Below is a timeline of what you can expect to see change as we bring our staff, board, programs, and impact to the existing Combined Arms organization. You will see a lot more from Combined Arms, our country’s veterans, and the communities they serve.  We are excited to announce that we are officially #UnitedAftertheUniform.

Announcement - COMPLETE

Make announcement to community at largest event of the year, our 10 Year Anniversary. Showcase our impact in the community and how we're built an impact model for community building that is scalable and ready for expansion. Method of expansion will be through a merger with a scalable technology platform and community of veteran service organizations, Combined Arms.

Co-Branding - COMPLETE

Add Combined Arms logo to all current LSVA events. Integrate more Combined Arms technology for resource referrals at events and volunteer training. 

Single Brand - Pending May 1st

Sunset the Lone Star Veterans Association brand in all marketing and advertising, shifting to a more scalable national brand of Combined Arms.

Single Social Media - Pending June 1st

Merge existing social media accounts and channels into the Combined Arms owned accounts. 

Single Platform - Pending July 1st

Merge databases and utilize a single engagement tool with community, the Combined Arms Salesforce platform.

Merger Complete - Pending August 1st

Time to start scaling. Accelerating the impact of veterans on America!