Member Spotlight - Julian Perez

Julian hosts the LSVA Woodlands Bowling Eventjulian3.png

Julian Perez was stationed in Hawaii, living in paradise off-post, but in a military-only community near the North Shore of Oahu, home of Pipeline and The Eddie. A deployment to Afghanistan meant leaving his wife, Jennifer, 7 months pregnant with their first child and subsequently missing Isabella’s first ten months of life. But, Julian did not want to go back to war nor ever leave his family again. So, after 4 years as a Signal Intelligence Analyst, he began to plan for life after the Army, back home near Conroe, Texas.

julian1.pngOn leave for his brother’s wedding weekend, Julian made a simple yet pivotal choice to forego a day of golf with the other groomsmen to check out an LSVA Career Fair at a church in South Houston. As Julian says, it is uncomfortable to go to career fairs and he was dreading this one, but his brother, who served in the Texas National Guard, made the strong suggestion he do it anyway. And with only two months left of active duty before hitting terminal leave, he knew he had to get on it early, because he had no specific back-up plan. Waiting tables or applying at Home Depot or Lowe’s, while good and respectable jobs, were his back-plan, yet was not what Julian desired for himself to support his family or fulfill his own goals. He wanted to be a Project Manager, and that fateful choice to skip the frivolity with the guys turned into a meeting with a rep from GE Oil and Gas and an interview the very next day. From Hawaii, he kept in close contact with GE, and when he arrived back in the Lone Star State, there was a manufacturing job for him with GE Oil and Gas, which has since transitioned into his dream job: Project Manager.

Hard work and perseverance paid off for Julian. He has also become a Community Leader with LSVA, because he has experienced first-hand how integral the support-system of fellow veterans and volunteers can be in the transition and how having the support of and interaction with other veterans and their families have had a profoundly positive impact on his own young family. To quote Julian, “the LSVA’s social events work for those in need of help; like a beacon of assistance. It’s so important veterans take advantage.”

When Julian isn’t working or going to graduate school, you can find him, Jennifer, Isabella 6, Julian, Jr. 4, and Bagwell (yep!) 11 mos., cheering on their beloved Houston Astros. Or you can hit him up at to share stories, get advice, or just check in with a fellow veteran, husband, father, friend.

Tanna Harris
LSVA Volunteer