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    We believe that Texas should be the best place for veterans and their families to live. Our mission is to build the community of veterans by strengthening careers and families.

    Veterans have served their country and been part of the best military in history. Help us maintain that camaraderie by connecting veterans and their families to resources, opportunities, and one another.

    80% of all jobs are 

    Your involvement is critical to our success and solving this issue. please join our Lone Star Leader Circle by committing to a recurring monthly donation. 

    $10/month = Provides business cards for veterans networking with employers 

    $25/month = Provides lunch for a veteran attendee each month at Warrior for Life

    $50/month = Provides meals at our quarterly picnics for 25 veteran families

    $100/month = Provides professional development training for our Community Leaders   




    Combined Arms is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides military veterans with community building activities that strengthen careers and families.

    According to the Department of Labor 80% of all jobs are placed through personal networks, but 60% of veterans cite a lack of personal and professional networks when they leave the military as a hurdle to their transition. Building the veteran community means creating professional and personal networks of our successful members to advance their careers, as well as those new to the community to find a career and a family to belong to.

    Your support of Combined Arms allows us to connect veterans and their families to resources, opportunities and other veterans.


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    Q: How long has your company been in business?
    A: 1 year

    Veteran Entrepreneurs

    In the summer of 2017 LSVA will be creating a Veteran Entrepreneur group to galvanize the aspiring, hustling, struggling, and successful veteran business owners in Houston. If you are interested in being a part the group click this form to be added to the contact list as we prepare to launch this group around July.

    At this time the plan is to begin a regular monthly meetup of business owners for breakfast once a month on the west side of Houston. Depending on response and activity we will expand the group's meeting locations, frequency, and activity types. We will also be bringing in prominent business owners from the Houston area to share their stories of success, failure, and how they have built companies of value that have enriched the lives of their employees, customers, and their own family.

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