Veteran Spouses

Create a fun, casual, & supportive atmosphere for veteran spouses.

LSVA has succeeded at building the veteran community because all of our members have a shared military experience that makes it easier to talk openly about the good and bad things in our lives. Our military and veteran spouses need the same opportunity to gather and discuss what is going on in their lives with others who have those shared experiences.

Our Spouses group offers fun, positive, and inclusive activities that are kid friendly. These events allow parents to get out of the house, let the kids burn off some energy with other kids, and be able to relax with other parents.


 Mauri Lucas, Group Leader | E-Mail 
 Rebecca Escobedo, Community Leader | E-Mail 
 Andrea Duhon, Community Leader | E-Mail 
 Alycia Wells, Community Leader | E-Mail 
 Ashley Eastin, Board Member Liason | 

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