Vettes for Vets


On a sunny morning in May, Sugarland’s Constellation Field was a lot louder than at any Skeeters game as nearly 100 Corvettes filled the parking lot, engines roaring. Gathered for the day were just as many veterans ready to be paired up with car owners from various Corvette clubs around the Houston area and beyond. After coffee and kolaches and a morning prayer, there was lot’s of ogling the sleek, shiny cars and plenty of camaraderie before pairing up for the drive to MSR Racetrack in Angleton. The show-stopping caravan rumbled along the 35 mile drive, drawing envious stares and raucous cheers. Upon arrival at the racetrack, each Corvette driver treated their veteran co-pilot to several spins around the snaky, curving track, while friends, family, and volunteers cheered everyone on from the observation decks high above. After swapping stories and experiences over finger-licking barbecue and cold iced tea, drivers and veterans saddled up for the spirited journey back to Constellation Field.

Members of the Corvette Owners Club of Houston, the Sam Houston Corvette Club, the NAACC - National African American Corvette Club, the San Jacinto Corvette Club, plus two Corvette owners from as far away as Oklahoma (!) donated their time and gleaming, thundering rides to give veterans a thrilling experience on a sunny spring day. Many of the Corvette owners were veterans themselves, which lent a feeling of a sort of reunion throughout the day. But the experience wasn’t only the thrill of the ride; the camaraderie and conversations, too, were a big part of the magical day. The biggest question from Corvette owners and veterans alike was, “when is the next one?” So, who knows what shined the brightest that day - chrome and colorful chariots or the smiles of everyone gathered on what would otherwise be just another Saturday.

- Tanna Harris