What Does LSVA Do?

Ever since I joined the board of LSVA back in 2013 the biggest question I was asked (and admittedly, we'd ask ourselves) is "What exactly does LSVA do?" It was like being in that scene in Office Space trying to explain what "everyone already knows". Over time we've been a mile wide and an inch deep, but I'm very proud that we've discovered what we can do better than anyone else serving veterans in Houston, get connected. We aren't a career placement agency, we don't do community service projects, or operate an emergency response team.... any more. At one time we did all of those things, simultaneously. 

What we found over the years we did help get folks new careers, launch businesses, engage their community, volunteer, help during a crisis, but we did it all through connecting our members socially and professionally. Our programs work best when you show up and make connections for others and in turn get connected to the resources, opportunities, and people that will strengthen your career and family.

So if you want to serve the veteran community through LSVA it's simple. 

  1. Show Up
  2. Have Fun
  3. Connect

If you do that whether you're a veteran, family member, or civilian you will be furthering our mission to build One Veteran Community. Showing up grows the community. Having fun makes the community worth existing in the first place. Connecting will strengthen each other in ways we can't even begin to predict.

Here is a great summary of the challenge, impact, and risks of social connections.