YMCA Membership

We're proud to announce that we are partnering with the YMCA of Greater Houston. The YMCA's mission to strengthen communities is a perfect match for LSVA's mission of strengthening the veteran community. Together we look forward to greater access for our members to family programs and activities that already exist at the YMCA, as well as special LSVA/YMCA member only events in the future. 

There are three open enrollment periods in 2017. These are the times when you receive the greatest benefit for joining the YMCA, up to $220 off your membership.

June 3rd-17th
August 5th-19th
December 2nd-16th

Click here for more details on the partnership

Click here for a list of facilities and programs available


We are working on partnerships with other family organizations, so stay tuned. We want you to receive the maximum benefit for your LSVA membership and enjoy the LSVA Community with your entire family.

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