Hurricane Harvey Response

We never intended to stand up a call center in response to Hurricane Harvey. We simply did a quick welfare check on our members by texting 3,500 local members in Houston. In 3 hours we had identified 70 homes needing to be “mucked out” and 270 potential volunteers.

Waters were still rising, so we used our system to geo-target homes in need and coordinate volunteers very close by to assist. We spent days checking on folks that were pushed out of their homes, until they could get back into them and begin the recovery process.

All of this was unexpected, but a great example of activating our community as leaders and resources in a time of need for our members and the community at large.



Lone Star Veterans Association is the new unit for veterans in Houston after they leave the military. We build a network of members, both veterans and civilians, to advance careers and strengthen families. We advance careers through professional development, networking events, and referring opportunities to each other. We strengthen families by creating fun, positive, inclusive activities for families to meet and connect.



We've Been There. Those three words launched LSVA in 2009 when our founders were searching for a community of veterans following combat deployments to Iraq ad Afghanistan. Since then the organization has grown to the largest of it's kind in the state of Texas with 1 in 11 post-9/11 veterans in Houston signed up as members. We are inclusive to veterans of all eras of service and civilians passionate about supporting veterans.



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