The Lone Star Veterans Association was created to serve veterans and their families.


Why We Exist

In 2009 the population of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not afforded the opportunity to congregate and share their lives with one another. Lone Star Veterans Association was created by a group of those combat veterans that wanted to be with other veterans that shared the experience of combat. Since then we’ve been responsive to the changing demographics of our original members as they start and grow their families, as well as their careers. We also remain relevant to veterans recently leaving military service with different needs than those that were immediately leaving combat. Our motto is “We’ve Been There.”

Who We Are

The largest post-9/11 veteran membership group in the state of Texas. While we focus on programming and marketing towards the post-9/11 community we are an inclusive organization with supporters that include veterans from every era of military service, military spouses, and civilians. 


How We Serve

We strengthen our community by focusing on three pillars: Veterans, Families, and Careers.

  • Veterans: We create programming and events targeted at bringing individual veterans together.
    • Socials
    • Happy Hours
    • Sporting Events
  • Families: We focus on the entire family in every aspect that affects the veteran’s life: Spouses, marriages, and children.
    • Veteran spouse groups
    • Family picnics
    • Date nights
  • Careers: We provide the means and opportunities to advance every veteran’s professional development.
    • Job lunches with potential employers
    • Workshops
    • Career coaching





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