About Us

Our Founding

In 2009 the population of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not afforded the opportunity to congregate and share their lives with one another. Lone Star Veterans Association was created by a group of those combat veterans that wanted to be with other veterans that shared the experience of combat. Since then we’ve been responsive to the changing demographics of our original members as they start and grow their families, as well as their careers. We also remain relevant to veterans recently leaving military service with different needs than those that were immediately leaving combat. Our motto is “We’ve Been There.”

Who We Are

The largest post-9/11 veteran membership group in the state of Texas. While we focus on programming and marketing towards the post-9/11 community we are an inclusive organization with supporters that include veterans from every era of military service, military spouses, and civilians. LSVA became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2010.

EIN: 27-1427288

What We Do

Lone Star Veterans Association strengthens the post 9/11 veteran community in Houston, Texas by connecting veterans to resources, opportunities, and other veterans.

Where We Work

Lone Star Veterans Association currently only serves the Greater Houston area, but as we prove our model of success across Houston we plan to launch into multiple metro markets in Texas by 2019 and across the entire state by 2025.

How We Serve

We strengthen our community by focusing on three pillars: Veterans, Families, and Careers.

  • Veterans: We create programming and events targeted at bringing individual veterans together.
    • Socials
    • Happy Hours
    • Sporting Events
  • Families: We focus on the entire family in every aspect that affects the veteran’s life: Spouses, marriages, and children.
    • Veteran spouse groups
    • Family picnics
    • Date nights
  • Careers: We provide the means and opportunities to advance every veteran’s professional development.
    • Job lunches with potential employers
    • Workshops
    • Career coaching


We currently operate a budget of ~$350,000 annually with 84% going towards programs for our veteran community. Our primary funding source is private donations, ~70%. We operate a lean organization thanks to the dedicated efforts and passion of our volunteers. We have a lot of veterans that join Lone Star Veterans Association so they can continue to serve others.

Plans for 2017

The Greater Houston Area is home to over 300,000 veterans, with approximately 80,000 of those being post-9/11 veterans. We currently only serve 5% of that market, and are planning to bring more programming to the suburbs of Houston where our veterans live.

We are currently expanding into new markets within the Greater Houston Area, most notably Clear Lake and the Woodlands. A donation of $25,000 will allow us to operate in a new area of town for a year and positively affect the lives of over 2,500 veterans in that suburb of Houston. Our goal for 2017 is to increase our active membership by 2,500. Active membership is defined as a member that attends three or more program events or activities within a 12-month period. We currently operate 9-12 program events a month for our members. This will insure that veterans always have a place to come to whether they’re in crisis, want to celebrate, or give back.

In 2017 we will validate our model for community building, outreach, and engagement with our veterans. This will allow us to open multiple suburbs in Houston simultaneously in 2018. From that point we will have validated a successful community development model that can then be scaled across the entire state of Texas over the following years. Lone Star Veterans Association’s goal is by 2025 to have 100,000 active members across the state of Texas.

What We Need

Outreach: Our mission begins and ends with our veterans. If they don’t know about our programming we’ve failed. We need to get the word out through our community partners to veterans where ever they are so they know that there is a place and a group that they can relate to and find a shared camaraderie that they have probably been missing since leaving the military.

Volunteers: Our greatest asset are the members and supporters that volunteer to serve one another. We are always on the lookout for the future leaders of our organization and the first place we look is within our volunteers. There’s always more work to do as we grow and welcome volunteers from every walk of life, so long as they are passionate about serving veterans.

Donations: While we are predominantly operated by our volunteers we do need to recruit, organize, train, and retain those individuals. We do that through our professional staff to set and maintain our processes and procedures.

Gifts in Kind: We are always in need of items for conducting our veteran, family, and career activities such as items for door prizes, ice chests, tables, chairs, etc.



Our logo is the city of Houston skyline that is on the foundation of the Afghanistan Campaign Ribbon and the Iraq Campaign Ribbon. We believe that it was our service that is the foundation that will make Houston and Texas the best place for veterans and their families.


The logo, "Lone Star Veterans Association", and "LSVA" is protected and cannot be used without prior permission from the Executive Director. 




We do have membership categories that you learn about here. We believe that any veteran who needs assistance and anyone who wants to help can be a member of this organization. We do not charge any membership fees. 

Learn more from our Bylaws.

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