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Stand Up Texas Hazlewood Tool Kit

Use the resources below to spread the word about the Hazlewood Act and how it benefits veterans and everyone in Texas. From flyers to news stories, we hope that these resources will help you grow this movement and Stand Up For Texas! Your support and dedication will make sure that future generations have access to education.

Sign The Petition
Hazlewood Facts

This flyer can be emailed, handed out, or posted at your work or school. With a direct QR link to the petition, people can sign the petition from their smartphones.

Be sure to spread the word and get permission when posting in public places. 

Download the flyer.

The Texas Veterans Commission has published a great site about the benefits and qualifications for veterans and their family members. The Hazlewood Act is a great program and we need to keep spreading the word to those who can take part in it. 

View the Hazlewood site.

View our new custom report about Hazlewood!


Twitter is a fast way to spread a short message to a large audience. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @LoneStarVets. You can also use the following hashtags and shortened URL's.

Our petition is hosted by which has some great tools for you to spread the message across Facebook. Visit our petition page and after you have signed, click on Invite Friends. Here you can send direct messages to your friends on Facebook about why you signed the petition and why you would like for them to sign. 

You can also add pictures and photos of the banner and logo we have created to help make an impact. Don't forget to add the link to all of your messages so that people can find the petition!

Stay Connected

In the past year there has been many news stories about the Hazlewood Act from the perspective of the schools and the government. This is our chance for our side to get out there. Check out these news stories. You can also contact your local media to spread the message.

The Lone Star Veterans Association is the largest OEF/OIF organization and network in the State of Texas. With more than 5,000 members, we are asking to you join us and to keep connecting veterans and community partners across this great state. 

This petition and Stand Up For Texas is just one small part of what we do everyday for veterans in Texas. We help out with unemployment, applying for benefits, creating social events, working with Student Veteran Associations, peer to peer mentoring, hosting community service projects and more.

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