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Building the Community of Veterans

The problems that face veterans both as they transition from the military and once they have transitioned are daunting. No single organization can provide all the programming or resources necessary to be successful. We do not try to be everything to our veterans, instead we focus on one thing. Building the community of veterans. 

Building the community of veterans means creating opportunities for veterans to come together, to connect, to share stories, to feel a part of a whole, and to help one another. We've Been There, and we'll be there for you too.

We've Been There

Our founding motto, We've Been there, comes from our founding members who were frustrated at the lack of attention and resources being directed towards Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans in 2009. While our organization has moved beyond being solely focused on veterans of the post-9/11 era of service, we believe that the shared experience of military service across all era binds us and gives us strength. We have all served, we have all been part of the greatest military force in history, we have all graduated from the most field tested leadership training, we've all been through the transition back to civilian life, and we are here for veterans and their families. We've Been There.

The most important factor in a successful transition from the military is finding a career, not a job. Often times veterans take the first job that is available, but don't take the time to find their career. We focus on building professional networks that allow you to learn, connect, and get hired. Even if you have taken a job, we will help veterans and their spouses find friends, mentors, and new opportunities. Once you find your career the work does not end, now it's time to strengthen your career. After your first job your next promotion or major career move will come through your professional network. With the success that veterans experience in the civilian world utilizing their military experience it only makes sense to surround yourself with other successful veterans that want to help one another succeed. 

We organize professional groups around different industries or careers in order to provide the greatest resource available to a veteran, other veterans. 

Careers are strong predictors of success for veterans during and after their transition. But we don't work so we can work some more. We work in fulfilling careers so that we can provide for our family and enjoy time with our friends. Whether your family is a suburban life with 2.5 kids, you're single and enjoy hanging out with friends, or a fun dual income with no kids. We have events that are designed to get your engaged and involved with other veteran families, spouses, and individual veterans.

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