Leadership Team

The LSVA staff are full-time employees tasked with running the programs of the organization, executing the board of director's strategy, supporting our volunteers, and serving our members. 


The board of directors of Lone Star Veterans Association is responsible for the governance and oversight of the organization. The board of directors is led by our Chairman. In addition to our board of directors, there are several committees focused on the strategy and oversight of the organization which includes, but is not limited to Finance, Development, Nomination, and Program Advisory Councils. 





The development committee is tasked with developing the plan for funding operations and programming of the organization, as well as the execution of that plan. The committee is not limited to board members but includes staff and additional community stakeholders that believe in the mission of LSVA to build the veteran community and want to see it accomplished.



The finance committee proposes and oversees the annual budget of LSVA. As well as making recommendations for adjustments and corrections through the operating year. The committee is comprised of board and staff members that will hold the organization accountable to the board of directors and report on the operations of the organization.


The communication committee is tasked with the marketing and public relations of the organization. They build the marketing plan for the organization each year, lead public relations initiatives that promote the mission and impact of LSVA through all communication channels available.



The nomination committee is tasked with developing the plan to fill open seats on the board of directors and all committees. Each open seat is filled based on the assessment of the nomination committee of the organization's needs and opportunities. LSVA seeks to have a well rounded and diverse leadership team on the board and on committees. We seek to not only have a diverse representation of military branches, service ranks, but also civilians, and veteran spouses represented as well.


The board of directors is led by our chairman. This is a critical role within the board of directors as the chairman leads the board, sets the visions, and is the primary contact between the CEO and the board of directors. The importance of this role cannot be understated and so we want to recognize all the amazing board chairmen that have gotten LSVA to the point that it currently operates at.


Our advisory councils oversee the mission of each affinity group for our career and family groups. The advisory councils are not limited to board members but include our volunteer Community Leaders and stakeholders from the community. We see our affinity groups fall into two program categories, although there is an overlap where some of the groups naturally provide both family and career programming.




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