Families Program

LSVA is focused on the strengthening the community of post-9/11 veterans in Houston, Texas. That starts with strengthening families. We are working on expanding our family programming for veteran families and encouraging our donors that provide us with free sporting event tickets for veterans to give us enough so veterans can take their families and create lasting memories.

We are beginning 2017 with a new Affinity Group within LSVA, an At Home Spouse group. LSVA works because all of our members have a shared military experience that makes it easier to talk openly about the good and bad things in our lives. Our military and veteran spouses need the same opportunity to gather and discuss what is going on in their lives with others who are living those experiences now, or have in the past. These are kid friendly events that will allow parents to get out of the house, let the kids burn off some energy with other kids, and be able to relax with other parents.

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